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Technology Law

"We can help with ......


  • Information Technology (IT) Law matters
  • Legal aspects of Computing and IT
  • Legal matters arising from digital information and software
  • Software programming design and infringement disputes
  • Reverse engineering conflicts and disputes
  • Commercial database and Intellectual Property protection
  • Data theft recovery and privacy injunctions
  • Phishing and spamming recovery damages claims
  • Legal matters arising from open-source software
  • Intellectual Property issues arising in Technology Law
  • Information Security and E-Commerce
  • Software licensing, End User Licence Agreements, Free Software Licence Agreements, Open-Source Licence Agreements
  • Data encryption requirements
  • Conflict of Law matters arising from use of technology
  • Software programming development and buyout enterprises


.... in addition to many other Legal Issues and Problems personally handled by legal specialists at Canary Wharf Chambers"




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