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Commercial Litigation


With the right legal support behind you, going to Court can often be avoided.  That applies to individuals and multi-national companies alike.


Sometimes, however, it cannot.... it may be that the other party wants to have their "day in court" at all costs....or that the "other side" does not see sense and reason.  Alternatively, it may be that the other side simply cannot afford to pay its debts and wishes to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.  This could potentially result in exorbitant legal costs and may render any action to recover the debt unsustainable. 


This need not be the case with the specialist legal tactics, knowledge and strategy unique to Canary Wharf Chambers, which is highly regarded for its successful cost-effective legal recovery for its clients.


It can all seem daunting and perhaps overwhelming to those who have little or no experience of litigation and a frustration to those in the litigation department, when the management wants the firm's legal costs controlled.


That's where the lawyers at Canary Wharf Chambers can assist...


Canary Wharf Chambers can assist your litigation needs, especially with the added benefit of full litigation support also being able to be offered.  Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, the Rolls Building and the Central London County Court are close to chambers.  We are one of the very few barristers chambers in London that can issue court proceedings on behalf of clients of barristers authorised to conduct litigation - please enquire for full details.


Clients range from individuals and small family-run companies

being sued to international companies suing

others, often cross-borders.


Lawyers at Canary Wharf Chambers offer legal support services for their clients, including:


  • Pre-Court issue services
  • Full Litigation Service
  • Issuing and Defending Court Proceedings
  • Advice on Litigation Tactics and Strategies
  • Settlement and Negotiation Strategies
  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Cost-effective Legal Representation in Court
  • Cross-border Commercial Litigation Cases



It's vital to ensure that litgation costs are managed and that's where the services of Canary Wharf Chambers are different. 


Barristers and Attorneys at Canary Wharf Chambers ensure that there is no unnecessary duplication of legal costs and that your case is not handled by so many lawyers who charge you for their time to read about your case!!


Our Commercial Litigation services are aimed to offer the maximum support to our clients, so that they have both the reassurance that they have the best quality legal advice and representation and that they can continue to focus on running their business and for life to continue as normally as possible.



Each client has the benefit of providing monthly feedback to and an appraisal with their legal representative. 


...After all, you are the client.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please call us now on London 020 7183 8011 or click here.


For our US-focused services and US-litigation services, you can alternatively call us on Manhattan (212) 202-0822.

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Full Litigation Services Available


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