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Direct Public Access Barristers

Public Direct Access Barrister Services offered by Canary Wharf Chambers means that You, Your company or organisation can now access a large range of legal services directly from barristers without the added expense of also engaging solicitors.


Canary Wharf Chambers is pleased to be able to offer this direct public access barrister service in the wide range of legal services it offers.  For details please click the links found under Legal Services either on the left or below.


So whether it's a small dispute about faulty goods you have purchased or a large construction dispute, Canary Wharf Chambers can assist You.


Canary Wharf Chambers regularly represent clients direct.  Clients range from individuals to multi-national companies.  It could range from the drafting of contracts or a will to defending a multi-pound claim. Public access representation can avoid unnecessary expense to You the client.


Canary Wharf Chambers is somewhat unique amongst barristers chambers in that it is also able to provide a full range of litigation services to Public Access clients in England and Wales.  Please ask for full details as to the benefits available to You.


The Client Care Letter shall set out the individual contract terms that apply between You and Your barrister - this is required by law and ensures that you fully understand Your legal protections.


Call us today on London 020 7183 8011 for a no-obligation and confidential discussion to find out how large the financial savings can be and how we can help You.




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All Barristers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board ("BSB") of England and Wales.


Information to be Provided to You Before Engagement


In accordance with the BSB of England and Wales, all Barristers are required to comply with rules designed to improve the information available to members of the public, businesses or organisations ("You") when instructing a Barrister under the Bar Public Access Scheme in England and Wales (see here for BSB Guidance).


All services provided by any Barrister and any agreements entered into are to be read in accordance with the BSB's regulatory rules. 



How to Get Information Before Your Engagement


For further information on what a Barrister in England and Wales must provide You prior to engagement or for further questions on fee structures and predicted costings and what information from You is required for that, please contact us via either telephone, facsimile or email via the link below:

Phone: 020 7183 8011
Fax:     020 7183 8830 


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All engagements with any Barrister shall be subject to formal agreement (in a Client Care Letter) with You beforehand.


You Shall Receive Written Documentation Prior to the Engagement under the Bar Public Access Scheme


When members of the public, businesses or organisations instruct a barrister under the Bar Public Access Scheme in England and Wales they shall receive a written Client Care Letter beforehand setting out the requisite information (this documentation provides the requisite consumer protections a Barrister is obliged to give), including (but not limited to) those matters set out below.  Please also see here.


Factors which might influences the timescales of a case:


  • the availability of Your Barrister
  • Your availability or that of relevant third parties
  • the complexity of the case
  • the amount of papers that the Barrister needs to review for You
  • the need for additional information or documentation from You or others
  • the approach taken by the other side
  • third parties intervening in the case
  • Court waiting times - both for listing the case and in Court on the day(s) of the hearing


The Complaints Procedure:


In Your Client Care Letter You shall receive written information regarding the complaints procedure at Canary Wharf Chambers, how You can complain to the Legal Ombudsman ("LeO") and time limits for You making any complaint. Please contact us for information before instruction


The link to the homepage of the Legal Ombudsman ("LeO") can be found here and the weblink to decisions of the LeO can be accessed here.


Please also see here


BSB's Barristers' Register:


All practising barristers are on the BSB's Barristers' Register (to check the status of a Barrister) click the link to the BSB's Register on its website here.


What You Can Expect:


The most commmonly used pricing models for legal services at Canary Wharf Chambers are based either on an hourly rate (the rate is dependent upon the complexity of the matter, which shall be quoted beforehand), or on so-called brief fees.  Fixed fees may also be available in certain circumstances.  Fees shall always be shown to include VAT (where applicable), together with a separate breakdown of the nett fee for those clients who are VAT registered. Please contact for further information on fees generally to answer your questions beforehand.


The areas of practice in which Canary Wharf Chambers most commonly provides legal services are in civil law.  Neither criminal law nor family law work is undertaken.  The most common legal services provided are in those areas of law appurtentant to company, chancery, insolvency, commercial, employment and cross-border legal matters.


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